“Let’s sing for nothing” Leonard Cohen’s Visitation Of Poetry – Previously Unlisted 1967 U Of Manitoba Appearance Reviewed

Published in the Winnipeg Free Press, January 14, 1967, A Visitation Of Poetry by Chester Duncan (Dept of English; University of Manitoba) – which reviews a Leonard Cohen 1967 U Of Manitoba appearance not listed in any Cohen database – begins on an auspicious note:

When Leonard Cohen appeared at the University of Manitoba recently to read and sing his poems, I felt that it was an occasion of great importance and significance.

He compares that appearance with one by Cohen three years earlier,1 describing Cohen, in the 1964 performance.

… charm[ing] and teas[ing] and whip[ping] a very large audience into a frenzy of approval and merriment

while the audience at the more recent appearance was

… fascinated like a snake before the concentration and dedication of his melancholy.

As the author concludes,

The poet has the  benefit of a life frequently distinguished by instincts completely non-utilitarian. And if even Love can make nothing happen, he must still “sing for nothing.”

The reference is to this Leonard Cohen poem from Parasites Of Heaven

Ah, what were the names I gave you
before I learned all names go the do-do way?
Darlin, Golden, Meadowheart

I’ve been walking in the far green
I’ve lost what all the leaves are called
Elm, Chestnut, Silver

O come here you, thou
Bring all thy, bring all thine
Far into the splinter let’s sing for nothing

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  1. A poetry reading at Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – (University of Manitoba) dated only by month and year (Feb 1964) at CohenLive, which lists no Cohen appearances in Winnipeg in 1966 or 1967 []