“A majestic, mysterious, magical, meaning-saturated masterpiece” Wisdom Daily Reviews Leonard Cohen’s Popular Problems


Cohen knows our journey through life is a never ending exploration made up of bad times and good times requiring us to be humorous and serious, personal and political, despairing and hopeful, gentle and fierce, sweet and dark, hot and cool, whispery and substantive, accepting and defiant, contemplative and impulsive, profound and silly, weary and optimistic, disturbing and comforting, ambiguous and clear-eyed, naked and restrained, irreverent and humble, skeptical and certain, sad and triumphant, menacing and loving. Cohen is all of these. But – and perhaps this is why Cohen remains so compelling – never cynical.quotedown2


Read the entire review at Leonard Cohen: Popular Problems by Irwin Kula. (Wisdom Daily: October 14, 2014)

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“Leonard Cohen must be the coolest (almost) 80-year-old on the planet.” Het Parool’s Review of Popular Problems


From ‘Popular problems’ van Leonard Cohen is een prachtplaat (****) [via Google Translate] by Peter van Brummelen. Het Parool: Sept 19, 2014.

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“Nobody can write a love song like Leonard Cohen” London Times Review Of Popular Problems


Nobody can write a love song like Leonard Cohen. There’s something hugely romantic in the way he combines universal themes of longing with tiny, telling details. His early masterpiece Suzanne is the most exquisite example of this, and he has a late-life Suzanne moment on Did I Ever Love You, which, although not quite on that level, shares its blend of imagery and sentiment. “The lemon trees blossom, the almond trees wither, was I ever someone who could love you for ever?” he sings in a semi-talked whisper, answering his own question in the process. (No, he wasn’t.)quotedown2


Leonard Cohen – Popular Problems by Will Hodgkinson. London Times: Sept 19, 2014

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