Leonard Cohen’s The Flame: Book Launch, Featuring Rob Hallett – London, Oct 4, 2018

Leonard CohenThe Flame At The British Library, London
October 4, 2018
Hosted by Will Gompertz
With Rob Hallett via Skype
Poetry readings by Polly Samson,
Singing by Kathryn Williams
Video by DabbyNoNa aka Albert Noonan

The video atop this post is the Rob Hallett interview alone. Hallett, an accomplished raconteur, talks about his role in Leonard Cohen going back on tour in 2008. The video below is the full presentation.

I Can’t Forget – When The 2012 Leonard Cohen Tour Probability Meter Went To “Very High”

Introduction: I Can’t Forget

Because many folks have become Leonard Cohen fans since Leonard’s final concert – Auckland, December 21, 2013, I’m publishing key 1HeckOfAGuy.com and DrHGuy.com posts that originally came online during the 2008-2013 Tours to provide a sense of how it felt to be part of the World Of Cohen.during those halcyon days – and give those who were already Cohenites then the opportunity to relive the Golden Age Of Leonard. All such entries can be found at ,

Today’s I Can’t Forget moment hearkens back to the time between the 2010 and 2012 Tours.Today’s I Can’t Forget moment is a sequel to I Can’t Forget – The 2012 Leonard Cohen Tour Probability Meter, and was originally posted Feb 6, 2012 at 1HeckOfAGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Odds Of Leonard Cohen 2012 Tour Go Up

The Old Ideas album promotions have generated new clues about the possibility of a Leonard Cohen concert tour.

Actually, calling  this excerpt from Exclusive Q&A: Leonard Cohen on New Tour, ‘Old Ideas’ by Andy Greene (Rolling Stone. January 30, 2012)  a “clue” may be an understatement:

[Interviewer] Do you want to tour again soon?
[Leonard Cohen] A tour is being booked.  Whether I’m going to show up . . . I haven’t signed on for it yet, but it’s certainly in the air.

[Interviewer]  Do you want to do it?
[Leonard Cohen] I have two minds. I don’t like to do a small tour, so whether I’m going to sign up for for another couple of years . . . is that really where I want to be? Maybe it is.

[Interviewer] But you think it’s going to happen?
[Leonard Cohen] Looks like it’s going to happen.

[Interviewer] I know that you toured last time partially because of your financial situation. The tour must have taken care of that, so what would drive you to tour again?
[Leonard Cohen] I was able to restore my tiny fortune within a year or so, but I kept on touring. It wasn’t exclusively that unique situation. Touring is like taking the first step on a walk to China. It’s a serious commitment, so there are a lot of factors to be examined.

There are several more items of this sort. The following are a sampling that were easy to find.

John McCrank, for example, writing in Cohen Regroups With Old Ideas for Reuters (January 31, 2012) about Cohen’s appearance at Joe’s Pub in New York reports:

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“Rob Hallett & Leonard Cohen Plot Over An iPad At Dinner” April 18, 2012

hallettt-cohen-campcohen-scaled1000Photo and caption posted April 18, 2012 at Greetings From Camp Cohen by J.S. Carenza III.

Curious about what it was on that iPad that so captured the attention of Messrs Hallett1 and Cohen last night, I fired up the High Resolution Reflectometric Image-Capture Enhancer I picked up on eBay when the Durham NC CSI lab upgraded.  Check out the right lens of Leonard Cohen’s sunglasses in the blow-up below.

blowup3-scaled1000Yep, it’s the mirror image of the graphic (seen in the photo below) that illustrates the DrHGuy series, Cohen-Bieber Compared.


Note: Originally posted April 19, 2012 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric


  1. Rob Hallett is President Of International Touring at AEG Live and a key factor in persuading Leonard Cohen to begin the series of tours that opened in 2008. Update: Hallett has since left AEG to head up his own music business Robomagic. []

Rob Hallett’s Proudest Achievement: “Bringing Leonard Cohen Back To The Stage” In 2008


“Rob Hallett from AEG presents LC with a thank you for yet another successful run.” Caption & photo by J.S. Carenza III

What to date is your proudest achievement in work?

Bringing Leonard Cohen back to the stage in order that a whole new generation can truly understand the meaning of sublime. quotedown2

Rob Hallett


Quote from Inside Knowledge: Rob Hallett, AEG Live. Clash: 02 · 03 · 2010.

Rob Hallett, who organized the 2008-2013 Leonard Cohen World Tours as AEG Live’s President of International Touring ended his relationship with the company in April 2014.

Note: Originally posted Apr 25, 2014 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric