Video: Fabrizio De André Covers Leonard Cohen’s “Seems So Long Ago Nancy”

Coco Éclair reports a recurrent theme among local citizens in the region of Italy where she is spending part of her summer [at time of posting: 2014] is the similarity in the performances of Leonard Cohen and Fabrizio De André, who covered three Cohen songs in Italian: Suzanne, Giovanna De Arco [Joan of Arc], and Seems So Long Ago Nancy.

Leonard Cohen vs Fabrizio De André – Seems So Long Ago Nancy
Video by BloodySam

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“This is a song for a girl named Nancy who was a real girl” Leonard Cohen On Seems So Long Ago, Nancy

This is a song for a girl named Nancy who was a real girl—who went into the bathroom of her father’s house, took her brother’s shotgun and blew her head off. Age of 21. Maybe this is an arrogant thing to say, but maybe she did it because there weren’t enough people saying what I’ve been saying.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


From introduction to Seems So Long Ago Nancy, Frankfurt 1972.  Photo by of Lars Sandblom.

“This is a song for a girl named Nancy who was a real girl” Leonard Cohen – The Real Life Story Behind Seems So Long Ago, Nancy By Nancy’s Nephew

Over the years I have had a fascination with this song [So Long Ago, Nancy]. It is an awful song, in many ways, leaving Nancy a legacy that few would want—a legacy of promiscuity and self-loathing. I have often felt such pity for Nancy as I can almost feel her sadness and pain through the song. I have wished that someone could reach through the sadness and bring her some measure of peace.

But the peace never came. Lost in her despair, Nancy took her own life.

How do I know this? Nancy was my aunt.

From Seems So Long Ago, Nancy by Tim Challies (@Challies: January 17, 2011). The entire well-written, insightful piece is available at the link.

Image atop post contributed by Dominique BOILE.