Photos & Autograph Of Sharon Robinson – 2012 Ghent Leonard Cohen-Fest

It turns out that Dominique BOILE not only met and photographed the Webb Sisters during his time in Ghent but also ran into Sharon Robinson, thus hitting the trifecta of Leonard Cohen backup singers.

Dominique captured Sharon’s autograph on her Everybody Knows album and these nifty photos of the woman Leonard Cohen introduces as “The Incomparable Sharon Robinson” and Dominique calls “The Beautiful Sharon.”

As a bonus, the final image in the series displays the interesting design of the All Access pass Sharon is wearing.

Originally posted August 17, 2012 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Believe It Or Not: Photos From The 2012 Leonard Cohen Toulon Concert

Thanks to the unstinting efforts of Véronique Bucchini, we now have a gallery of what has proven to be the rarest of 2012 Leonard Cohen World Tour photos – shots of the Sept 26, 2012 show in Toulon, France.* (Special thanks go to Dominique BOILE, who informed Ms Bucchini of DrHGuy & the quest for photos of the Toulon show.)

Worthy of special note:

  • Above Image: This is one of those photos, taken at precisely the right moment from precisely the right perspective that perfectly captures a key aspect of a performance
  • Below First Row, Left Image: Sharon Robinson and Leonard Cohen singing side by side is a scene that has been photographed hundreds if not thousands of times. Nonetheless, this specimen seems to render the two collaborators in song in a fresh light.

*Very few photos and videos emerged from the Toulon show, leading the posting of this plea.

Note: Originally posted Oct 3, 2012 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Brilliant Photos: The 2012 Leonard Cohen Paris Concerts Through The Lens Of Maarten Massa Leonard Cohen

Maarten Massa reliably delivers stellar photos of Leonard Cohen concerts, and his shots of the September 28, 29, & 30, 2012 Olympia shows in Paris are no exception. Worthy of special note are

  • Perhaps the best 2012 Tour photo of Charley Webb I’ve seen
  • An outstanding shot of a happy Roscoe Beck
  • A pristine, all too rare photo of the usually camouflaged Rafael Gayol
  • A closeup of Leonard Cohen performing on Jew’s harp

And He’s Off…

Leonard Cohen in the process of skipping off stage

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Originally posted Oct 18, 2012 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Outstanding Sharon Robinson Photos – 2012 Leonard Cohen Tour

I originally posted these shots on October 2, 2012 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric, in order to identify the photographers. Incredibly enough, that worked. It turns out that Marc Roed took the two stellar photos of Sharon Robinson atop this post at the Aug 26, 2012 Leonard Cohen Aalborg concert. (Special thanks go to Véro Chô, who recognized Marc’s photos.) The evocative photo immediately below was taken by Ria Bellen at the August 12, 2012 Ghent concert. The final image, the superb photo of Sharon looking determined/miffed (I initially thought Sharon looked miffed. On reflection, however, I now believe she looks determined – of course, she could be determined because she’s miffed, but still …), was taken by Ingrid van Daele at the August 17, 2012 Ghent concert.

“Here’s a song for the people of New Orleans” Leonard Cohen Performs Banjo – Amsterdam 2012

Featuring Neil Larsen, Alex Bublitchi, & Sharon Robinson

Leonard rarely performed Banjo in concert. In fact, the only other videotaped performance I’ve found was at the Aug 14, 2012 Ghent show: Video: Leonard Cohen’s Touching Performance Of Banjo – Ghent 2012

Leonard Cohen – Banjo
Amsterdam: August 21, 2012
Video by vpmusicblog