Sharon Robinson To Be Featured Artist At Mac Leonard Cohen Exhibition On Display Starting Nov 9, 2017

We are pleased to announce that Sharon Robinson will be a featured artist in “Leonard Cohen : Une brèche en toute chose/A Crack in Everything” at MAC Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal on display starting November 9th.

From Sharon Robinson Facebook Page

Sharon Robinson B.C. (Before Cohen), Her 1977 Terea Album, Tax Loopholes, & The 2011 Re-issue


The Incomparable Sharon Terea Robinson

In 2011, Jazzman Records re-released Sharon Robinson’s 1977 Terea album.

Yes, this is the same Sharon Robinson who has sung background for Leonard Cohen since the 1979 Field Commander Cohen tour and has been his songwriting collaborator since 1980.1

As ongoing Cohencentric readers might anticipate, there’s a story behind this album’s production and Sharon Robinson’s participation in the project.

Music & Money

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  1. Leonard Cohen and Sharon Robinson: a special relationship by Philippe Sands. FT Magazine: Aug 9, 2012 []

Watching Sharon Robinson’s Show Over Leonard Cohen’s Shoulder – 2013

Shannon Burns (on right – behind the guy with the fedora): “Sharon Robinson was brilliant”

This excerpt about the Oct 19, 2013 Sharon Robinson Los Angeles, show is from Shannon Burns Facebook Page 

OK, this should be about Sharon Robinson, but when I was standing in front of  [the table reserved for Leonard Cohen], the whole scene changed. I spent the next hour standing directly behind Leonard Cohen, then Lori Nebenzahl snapped photo [atop this post] when the show ended. Notwithstanding this very huge aside, Sharon was brilliant.


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Leonard Cohen’s 2010 Back Injury & Sharon Robinson’s Sick Leave

76 Year Old, Post-Back Injury Canadian Icon, Leonard Cohen, Sprints Onto Stage

Posting the above heading and photo, taken by J..S. Carenza III at Tui Arena in Hannover, Germany Sept 27, 2010, elicited two medical questions from fans.

1. What back injury?

In Feb 2010, Leonard Cohen, who was scheduled to perform a European tour in March, announced that as a result of a compression injury in his lower back he suffered while exercising, those shows would be delayed by six months while he underwent a four to six month course of physical therapy recommended by his physicians.

Cohen’s manager Robert Kory issued this statement:

Doctors have confirmed that Mr Cohen is otherwise in terrific shape, thanks to years of exercise and careful diet, and simply needs appropriate time to recover from the lower back injury.

At that point, Mr. Cohen had played 191 sold out shows around the world since his return to the stage in May 2008.

2. Where is Sharon Robinson?

Sharon Robinson is indeed absent from the photo. Flu symptoms and an ear infection caused her to miss the last concerts of the recently completed European leg of the Tour and, resulted in her early return home to recuperate. In Sept 2010, Sharon, who was MIA from the Caen, France concert, wrote me that

I’ve come down with the flu. I’m hoping to be back on stage very soon.

On September 25, 2010, J.S. Carenza posted

Morning in Paris. Seeing Sharon off to to the airport. Then back on the train to Lille for load-in. [emphasis min]

I asked Hattie Webb about dealing with Sharon’s absence. She wrote

There are some adjustments on the vocals, a shift of parts and arrangements.  Focusing on keeping our two voices in close harmony in 3rds versus having spaces of fifths and sixths.

We miss Sharon every concert and look forward to being back together as a three for New Zealand.

On Sept 29, 2010, Sharon Robinson posted this on her Facebook page:

Hi Friends,

Many people have inquired about my absence from the concerts. Basically, a stubborn flu turned into an ear infection. Nothing terribly serious, but enough to cause me quite a bit of difficulty in doing the show. I was unable to resolve it on the road, so we thought it best that I take a break, get the proper care at home, and re-join the tour for the next leg.

My sincere thanks to everyone who has expressed their concern and sent their good wishes. I’m already feeling better and can’t wait to get back out there! See you in New Zealand!2


Then, on October 26, 2010, J..S. Carenza III  posted this photo (I superimposed the yellow oval) showing Sharon Robinson returning to her place, alongside the Webb Sisters, backing up Leonard Cohen as the Unified Heart Touring Company prepares for the October 28 Auckland concert.

The caption follows:

Rehearsal day one and the band’s all here.


Leonard Cohen Back Injury References:

Leonard Cohen Concert Video: Sharon Robinson Performs Alexandra Leaving – New Orleans 2013

[Sharon Robinson’s] rendition of Alexandra Leaving is the epitome of style and dignity. Her voice is incredible and she holds the crowds rapt. I can’t find words to signify just how intense it was.quotedown2


This description, found at From All Your Children Here – Leonard Cohen in Lucca, was written by Jonnie Falafel, who also has good things to say about Mr Cohen in this review of the July 9, 2013 Lucca concert. Posted July 10, 2013 at Breakfast In Tuscany.

I cannot locate a high quality video of Sharon Robinson’s Lucca performance of  Alexandra Leaving, so I am posting instead her March 28, 2013. rendition of that song at the Mahalia Jackson Theater, New Orleans.

Sharon Robinson – Alexandra Leaving
Mahalia Jackson Theater, New Orleans: March 28, 2013
Video by Wirebirds

Brilliant Photos: The 2013 Leonard Cohen Amsterdam Concert Through The Lens Of Maarten Massa – Gallery 1

These photos were taken at the Sept 20, 2013 Leonard Cohen Concert by Maarten Massa. Also see Brilliant Photos: The 2013 Leonard Cohen Amsterdam Concert Through The Lens Of Maarten Massa – Gallery 2. Even more shots taken by Maarten at this show can be found at his Facebook album: Final European concert of the Old Ideas World Tour 2013

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