Stellar Photos Of Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson & Webb Sisters By Paolo Brillo – Florence 2010

Leonard Cohen - Florence 2010. Photo by Paolo Brillo.In addition to sterling performances, the September 1,  2010 Leonard Cohen Florence concert also proved a source of excellent photos, including these from Paolo Brillo. Especially striking are the shots below of the Webb Sisters and Sharon Robinson.

Webb Sisters - Florence 2010. Photo by Paolo Brillo.Sharon Robinson - Florence 2010. Photo byThese and other photos of the concert taken by Paolo Brillo are available at his Highway 61 Photostream. By going to the Leonard Cohen Set within that photostream, one can view exclusively those shots taken by that photographer at various Leonard Cohen shows.

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Brilliant Photos From The Leonard Cohen 2010 Helsinki Concert

Maarten Massa’s photos of Leonard Cohen and, especially, the band members and backup singers, at the August 10, 2010 Helsinki concert are among the best I’ve seen since the commencement of the tour. While he has graciously allowed these to be posted at Cohencentric, many other shots he took at the Helsinki show can be found at Leonard Cohen Helsinki – Aug 10 2010: Part 1 and Part 2.

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Leonard Cohen - Helsinki 2010

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Leonard Cohen on Sharon Robinson: “When we sing together, my voice contains no loneliness.”

Sharon Robinson & Leonard Cohen Caesar's Palace 2010

In very early times, I tried that  [releasing albums without many accompanying musicians]. But in the meantime, my music became much more complex. Furthermore, I would bore myself to death to be in the studio or on stage alone. Sharon Robinson, who has worked with me since 1979 as a backup singer and who produced the new album, has succeeded in cushioning the imperfections of my voice. When we sing together, my voice contains no loneliness.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen

From The Happy Message of the Aged, Interview by Sven F. Goergens. (Translated by Marie Mazur, using translation software, with the aid of Adi Heindl): Focus: September 15, 2001. Originally posted Apr 17, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Video Animation Of "The Letters" By Leonard Cohen And Sharon Robinson


An Effective Presentation Of A Lesser Known Leonard Cohen-Sharon Robinson Song

“The Letters,” written and performed by Leonard Cohen and Sharon Robinson, is a song I’ve considered benignly unremarkable.1  Viewing this video comprising a series of simple animations, however, has raised my interest in and appreciation of this track from the Dear Heather album. The effectiveness of the visual images appears to be less the result of offering interpretive clues than providing focus.

Update: Video Animation Of “Boogie Street” By Leonard Cohen And Sharon Robinson

Leonard Cohen & Sharon Robinson – The Letters
From Dear Heather
Video from cronogeo

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  1. I should note that, while I stand by my description of “The Letters” as a lesser known Leonard Cohen-Sharon Robinson Song, I am also aware that there are many who have long held a special fondness for this song. []

Brilliant Photos: The 2013 Leonard Cohen Wellington Concert Through The Lens Of Maarten Massa – Gallery 2

well24Photos by Maarten Massa. More shots from this concert can be found at Leonard Cohen, Wellington NZ – December 17 2013: Gallery 1


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