Brilliant Photos: The Dec 17, 2013 Leonard Cohen Wellington Concert Through The Lens Of Maarten Massa

w19In addition to the photo of an intense Leonard Cohen atop this post, I’m especially taken by the shots of Sharon Robinson (directly below) and Roscoe Beck (at the bottom of the post).

Photos by Maarten Massa. More shots from this concert can be found at Leonard Cohen, Wellington NZ – December 17 2013: Gallery 2

Leonard Cohen’s “Gypsy-Soul Rock-Noir Cabaret”

bandmontageReading Review: Leonard Cohen at Vector Arena by Russell Baillie (New Zealand Herald. Jan 23, 2009), I was especially taken by the writer’s description of Cohen’s band and back-up singers:

Somehow, Cohen’s ensemble, a sort of gypsy-soul rock-noir cabaret outfit dressed, as was their fedora-ed double-breasted leader like particularly stylish members of the French Resistance, were able to shrink the vastness of the venue down to the intimate scale of the music.

I was, in fact, inspired to put together some supporting evidence for this conceptualization of the band. The result is the montage atop this post depicting Leonard Cohen’s musicians in concert. (Click on image to enlarge)

Leonard Cohen Introduces Musicians

This video from the 2008 Leonard Cohen Manchester Concert not only identifies the members of the band and the backup singers but also demonstrates Cohen’s respect for his musicians.

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16 Splendid Photos From The “Lost” 2009 Leonard Cohen Bilbao Concert


Photos From Cohenite Document Little Known Concert

The September 17, 2009 Leonard Cohen World Tour concert in Barakaldo, Spain (aka The Bilbao Concert – see explanation below) was one of those Cohen Stealth Concerts – shows that were well performed by the musicians and well received by the audiences but somehow escaped notice, generating comparatively few video and audio recordings, reviews, and, of course, photos.

Consequently, I was excited to stumble across this bevy of top-notch shots taken by Fleya de Ugalde, who graciously agreed to allow me to post a sampling here, noting “Fellow Cohenites must be kind to each other.”

As noted in Signs Of Leonard Cohen – Barakaldo, Spain 2009:

The venue for this concert was listed on Tour schedules as the “Bilbao Exhibition Centre.” But the BEC moved from Bilbao to Barakaldo and is now known officially as “Bizkaia Arena.” It remains, however, universally known as “Bilbao Exhibition Centre.”

I am especially fond of the photo sequence seen below of Cohen holding ‘the flowers, then striking his “prepare to depart” pose, than hit his “and away we go” move.


It’s a secret no longer – Leonard Cohen was a happy man in Bilbao/Barakaldo.

happyMore photos of this show can be found at Fleya’s Leonard Cohen en Bilbao.

Sublime Submissions: The Webb Sisters Answer For Themselves


Webb Sisters (Charlie on left; Hattie on right) at Royal Albert Hall

The Webb Sisters Have A History Here

The Webb Sisters made their first ( was the predecessor of Cohencentric) appearance at the closing of the Pre-Sublime Era in 2008 in Changes In Leonard Cohen Tour Backup Musicians Create Problem, earning the following comment:

It has been said, perhaps apocryphally, that Leonard Cohen vowed not to use young, good-looking backups on this tour because it would make him appear the old letch.

Well, if the idea was to avoid hiring good-looking backups, it looks to me as though, to revert to business jargon, someone has screwed up big time.

Since that auspicious debut, Charley and Hattie Webb have shown up in Heck Of A Guy posts for a variety of reasons:


Leonard Cohen & Webb Sisters – If It Be Your Will
Hamilton: May 19, 2009

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Three Closeup Photos Of The Hands Of Leonard Cohen & Sharon Robinson – 2013 Manchester Concert

Leonard Cohen’s Hand


Mandy MacLeod originally forwarded these close-up photos taken at the August 31, 2013 Leonard Cohen Manchester Concert during a period in which I was too ill to post them. Having re-discovered them recently, I am happy to find they fall in the “too good not to post” category and I am delighted to publish them now, however belatedly.

Sharon Robinson’s Unified Heart Signet Ring

sharonringLeonard Cohen’s Watch


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