An Intimate Evening with Sharon Robinson: The Sugar Club, Dublin

Grammy award winning vocalist and song-writer SHARON ROBINSON returns to Dublin, following her sold out show at The Button Factory last year .

The multi talented composer, producer, and long-time Leonard Cohen collaborator will play an intimate show at THE SUGAR CLUB on Saturday 27th July .

Grammy-winning songwriter, and long-time Leonard Cohen creative collaborator, Sharon Robinson announces her return to Europe for a Fall 2016 tour.

“As some of you may know, I had to cancel my European tour scheduled late last year. After taking some much-­‐needed time, I plan to resume touring this August and September. I am very much looking forward to it. Thank you all for your patience and continued support.”

Sharon Robinson

An Intimate Evening with Sharon Robinson: Kolding

Sharon Robinson har gennem årtier optrådt og skrevet sange sammen med Leonard Cohen. Klassikere som ”Everyboby Knows” og Waiting for the Miracle” bærer – hvad de færreste måske ved – både Cohens og Robinsons signatur, ligesom hele Cohens come back-album fra 2001 ”Ten New Songs” er co-writet og produceret af Robinson.

Denne aften er det Sharon Robinson selv og hendes sange der er i fokus, når sangerinden og sangskriverens vokal og solide sange vil fylde rummet. Seneste album fra Grammy-vindende Sharon Robinson er ”Caffeine”, der i lækker smooth produktion præsenterer Sharon Robinsons sange og stemme i en lækker indpakning.

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Two Revealing 2014 Sharon Robinson Interviews About “On Tour With Leonard Cohen” And More

Sharon Robinson & Leonard Cohen Caesar's Palace 2010

One of the benefits of the publication of “On Tour With Leonard Cohen” by Sharon Robinson has been the interviews with the author. The most recent entries are Leonard Cohen, Up Close: Collaborator Sharon Robinson on Her New Photos of the Enigmatic Musician by Amy Ephron (Vogue: Dec 9, 2014)  and Sharon Robinson on Leonard Cohen: He Spends a Lot of Time Trying to Uncover Truths by Chris Gardner (Hollywood Reporter: Dec 9, 2014). Excerpts from each article follow.

Sharon Robinson quotation excerpted from Hollywood Reporter:

Well, obviously if you know Leonard’s work you know that he’s an extremely thoughtful person and that he spends a lot of time trying to uncover the truths of our existence and the path of the human heart and so on. The privileged access that I had to him enabled me to capture moments that might not otherwise have been captured. … In some ways it’s an opportunity to let people know that everything that Leonard seems to be, he really is. He is a gracious and wonderful and generous and kind person and he’s funny and fun loving, which sort of goes against the preconceived notions to some degree, but he’s just a wonderful person to have worked with so closely for all those years.

Excerpts from Vogue:

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An Intimate Evening with Sharon Robinson: Bremen Teater, Copenhagen

Den Grammy-vindende sangskriver Sharon Robinson, der over en længere årrække har været Leonard Cohens kreative samarbejdspartner, kommer til Bremen Teater den 22. august.

Sharon Robinson har i 30 år været associeret med Leonard Cohen som sangskriver, producer og sangerinde. Hun har bl.a. været co-sangskriver og producer på Cohens album ”Ten New Songs” fra 2001, der kom med på Rolling Stones liste over ”Top 100 Albums of the Decade”. Dertil har hun været co-sangskriver på Cohen-klassikere som ”Everybody Knows” og ”Waiting for the Miracle”. Derudover har artister som Patti LaBelle, Don Henley, Aaron Neville og Roberta Fleck spillet versioner af den Grammy-vindende sangerindes sange.

Sharon Robinson kommer forbi Bremen Teater med sit nye anmelderroste album ”Caffeine”.

An Intimate Evening with Sharon Robinson: Savoy Theater, Helsinki

Leonard Cohenin työpari Sharon Robinson konsertoimaan Helsinkiin elokuussa!

Arvostettu yhdysvaltalainen laulaja ja musiikkivaikuttaja Sharon Robinson saapuu konsertoimaan Helsinkiin elokuussa. Robinsonin oli määrä esiintyä Helsingissä jo viime vuonna, mutta hänen puolisonsa menehtyminen keskeytti kiertueen juuri ennen Savoy-teatterin konserttia. Nyt Robinsonille on saatu sovittua uusi konserttipäivä sunnuntaiksi 14. elokuuta 2016.

Sharon Robinson tunnetaan erityisesti yli 30 vuotta kestäneestä yhteistyöstään taiteilija Leonard Cohenin kanssa. Hänet onkin nähty Suomessa aiemmin Cohenin taustalaulajana. Robinson on myös tuottanut Cohenin Ten New Songs -albumin (2001).

Vuonna 1985 Sharon Robinson vastaanotti arvostetun Grammy-palkinnon New Attitude -kappaleestaan, joka tuli tunnetuksi Patti LaBellen tulkitsemana Beverly Hills Cop -elokuvassa.

Sharon Robinsonin soolouran katsotaan alkaneen virallisesti vuonna 2008 hänen julkaistua Everybody Knows -debyyttialbuminsa. Levytys sai osakseen varauksetonta kiitosta niin kriitikoilta kuin suurelta yleisöltä. Robinsonin tuorein albumi, Caffeine, ilmestyi viime vuonna. Se sisältä soulia, rhythm and bluesia, folkia ja jazzia tulkittuna kuten vain Sharon Robinson osaa.

Sharon Robinson Savoy-teatterissa Helsingissä sunnuntaina 14. elokuuta 2016 klo 19.00, ovet klo 18.00

Liput permannolle alk. 52,50e, parvekkeelle alk. 47,50e.

Sharon Robinson:

Konsertin tuottaa Eastway Live


More Leonard Cohen Favourite Games – Unified Heart Touring Company Teammates

olyCohencentric published a three-part survey of Leonard Cohen’s sports (see The Favourite Games Of Leonard Cohen: Part 1, Part 2. and Part 3) to commemorate the Rio 2016 Olympics, Now, we offer a few examples of athletic efforts by the folks who work with Leonard.

The Webb Sisters – Gymnastics


Roscoe Beck – Tandem Dancing Partner


Sharon Robinson & The Webb Sisters – (Very) Freestyle Dancing


Jennifer Warnes & Sharon Robinson – Duet Floor Exercises


The Webb Sisters – Synchronized Nordic Skiing


Rafael Gayol – Javelin Throw

Note the unorthodox over the shoulder style


The Favourite Games Of Leonard Cohen, Part 3

olyIn commemoration of the Rio 2016 Olympics, Cohencentric offers the third post in the three-part survey of the sports of Leonard Cohen. For the previous entries, see Part 1 and Part 2. Update: More Leonard Cohen Favourite Games – Unified Heart Touring Company Teammates


bowarrow bowarrow2









The Early Years

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