Video: Adam Cohen Performs Leonard Cohen’s So Long Marianne – With His Father In The Audience

From the YouTube description:

It’s been a little over a year since legendary singer and poet Leonard Cohen passed away. We thought now would be a good time to share this really special performance of Adam Cohen performing his father’s classic song So Long Marianne.

I can’t be sure but this may be from the same performance shown in the Adam Cohen – Like A Man EPK (see screen capture from that video below)

Thanks to Marie M, whose post at Speaking Cohen alerted me to this charming video

Video: Leonard “Happy To Be Here” Cohen Performs So Long Marianne & First We Take Manhattan – Amsterdam 2012

Well, you know that I love to live with you
But you make me forget so very much
I forget to pray for the angels
And then the angels forget to pray for us

Highlights: Leonard skipping on and offstage, Alex Bublitchi’s solo in So Long Marianne, the enthusiastic audience reaction – but most of all, Leonard’s smiles.

Leonard Cohen – So Long Marianne & First We Take Manhattan
Amsterdam: Aug 22, 2012

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July 28, 2016: Marianne Ihlen, Immortalized In “So Long, Marianne,” Dies


Marianne Ihlen, the woman immortalized in “So Long, Marianne” and the woman in Leonard Cohen’s life through the 1960s, died July 28, 2016 after being diagnosed with leukemia less than a week earlier.

Leonard Cohen’s Final Farewell To Marianne

Two days before Marianne’s death, Leonard sent her this message

So Long, Marianne

This is an especially moving version of Leonard Cohen’s classic song about his separation from Marianne.

Leonard Cohen – So Long, Marianne
Oslo Spektrum: May 1, 1993
Video by Allan Showalter

First Aid Kit’s Moving Leonard Cohen Tribute: So Long, Marianne

First Aid Kit’s version of Leonard Cohen’s So Long, Marianne is more an evocative tribute than a respectful cover. It opens with the refrain from Who By Fire and incorporates the letter Leonard wrote Marianne just before her death (Marianne died July 28, 2016) and Leonard’s poem, You’d Sing Too, from Book of Longing. It is a well crafted, resonant commemoration of Leonard, Marianne, and the music,.

First Aid Kit – So Long, Marianne (Leonard Cohen cover)
Live @ Dramaten, Stockholm: March 14, 2017

First Aid Kit officially includes sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg along with an instrumentalist or two. As the YouTube description notes “On stage singing in addition to Klara and Johanna Söderberg were Nina Zanjani and Maia Hansson Bergqvist from Dramaten, Maja Francis, Annika Norlin, Loney ear, Jesper Lindell, Frida Hyvönen and Adolf Fredriks föräldrakör. In the orchestra were Sebastian Ring, Anna Lund, Daniel Wejdin, Malin Ahlberg, Karolina Weber Ekdahl, Karin Liljenberg, Tomas Ebrelius and Charlotta Weber Widerström.

Credit Due Department: Thanks to Maria Cohen Viana, who alerted me to this video.

Video: Leonard Cohen Sings "So Long Marianne" With Marianne In Audience – Langesund 2009

Marianne At Lonard Cohen’s Langesund Show

This is not a video with great production values. As the cameraperson notes, “Sorry for the all the drunk people singing.” But how could anyone who knows anything about Leonard Cohen pass up the chance to watch him sing “So Long Marianne” to a concert audience that includes Marianne herself?1

Leonard Cohen – So Long Marianne
Langesund: July 16, 2009

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  1. Basic information about Leonard Cohen and his relationship with Marianne can be found at Leonard Cohen – The Literary Years. []