Signs Of Leonard Cohen Album Logos: Plexiglass Display Of The Future’s Hummingbird, Heart, & Handcuffs

009 (Large)This entry is part of a series of posts dedicated to Leonard Cohen Album Logos.

While other Cohen albums sort emblems, no other logo is so easily recognized and immediately recognized as representative of an album as The Future’s hummingbird, heart, & handcuffs symbol. This is, of course, a consequence of that logo’s prominence on the cover of The Future album.


And it follows that no other Leonard Cohen album logo is so predominant in signs and ads as the hummingbird, heart, & handcuffs.  Dominique BOILE offers two remarkable illustrations of this concept. Today’s example is one of the rarest – and most attractive – items in his collection of Leonard Cohen memorabilia. This French plexiglass display (80 centimeters high, 52 wide and 15 deep) features the hummingbird, heart, & handcuffs logo in its promotion of The Future album.

010 (Large)

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