United Arab Emirates Cassette Edition Of Leonard Cohen’s The Future

uae-2I confess to being fascinated with recordings of Leonard Cohen’s work captured on antiquated media, especially if they are produced or distributed in exotic locales.  It’s a plus if they are produced by  entities of dubious legal status, I am also taken with – oh, let’s go with creative reconfigurations of album tracklists. And, I am so captivated by typos and mistranslations that my previous site had a category, “Forget You Perfect Offering, dedicated to such errors.

One can then imagine my delight when all of these criteria are met by a single item, such as this rare cassette of Leonard Cohen’s The Future, recorded in the United Arab Emirates by the Gamava Groups.

This is not, of course, your ordinary The Future album. It includes songs typically found on other Cohen albums (e.g., True Love Leaves No Traces, Suzanne, Death Of A Ladies’ Man). The mistakes in the lyrics printed in the booklet are too numerous to count, let alone list.

The pink border on the front cover and the all-pink interior of the case – that’s just a bonus.

Credit Due Department: This exquisitely delectable specimen if from the private collection of Dominique BOILE.




Signs Of Leonard Cohen: 1993 Magazine Ad For The Future With Great Photo & Tupperware Reference


Leonard Cohen never shrinks from scrutinizing the fears tucked away in our hearts like back-of-the-fridge Tupperware containers

This especially impressive ad for Leonard Cohen’s The Future from the May 1993 edition of Musician is from the private collection of Dominique BOILE.