Photo: Leonard Cohen Has Left The Building (Bonus: What’s Wrong With This Picture?)

notes - leonard walking-900

.. and nobody leaves a venue more elegantly.1

But there is more afoot.

Spot The Difference

No, this instance of “Spot The Difference” is not a new Highlights For Cohenites magazine feature. By comparing the above image, presumably taken after the August 22, 2012 Amsterdam concert, with the photo below, which was taken at the time of the December 2010 Las Vegas shows (when it was previously posted at Why Leonard Cohen Never Introduced This Guy), one can detect a subtle but nonetheless serious behavioral shift.

The evidence is indisputable –

Someone else is schlepping Leonard Cohen’s guitar

The interpretation of this finding, however, is less certain. Did AEG spring for – or perhaps insist on – a guitar valet? Has Leonard Cohen become a self-confessed “lazy bastard. living in a suit?” Are those three men walking away in Amsterdam in reality members of a sophisticated Mission: Impossiblesque gang of guitar thieves? Does Mr Cohen think that embarking, one month before his 78th birthday, on a world tour featuring four hour concerts entitles him to ask us to cut him one more slack? Is the guy in the hat in the Amsterdam photo actually a Cohen impostor, a decoy employed for security purposes  …?


Credit Due Department: The Amsterdam photo is from Notes From The Road & taken by J.S. Carenza III. The Las Vegas shot is by Mandy MacLeod.


  1. OK, since the original caption was only “Leonard walking,” I don’t know he’s leaving the building, but it looks like it’s nighttime, and he has his guitar, so … .  Besides, “Leonard Cohen Has Left Or Is Entering The Building Or Just Walking Somewhere” doesn’t make for a snappy, attention-grabbing headline. []

Photo: That Guy Even Carries Leonard Cohen’s Guitar In The Rain – Antwerp 2013

veraPosted June 24, 2013 at Leonard Cohen Facebook page by Vera Toté

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Note: Originally posted March 21, 2014 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

That Guy Who Carries Leonard Cohen’s Guitar Photographed At Work In Lucca – 2013

leonardwalkingThe Guy Leonard Cohen Never Introduced is shown once again lugging  the Canadian singer-songwriter’s guitar, this time at the 2013 Lucca soundcheck.

Photo by J.S. Carenza III (Notes From The Road: July 9, 2013).

For other posts with photos featuring Leonard Cohen’s guitar-toter see The Guy Who Carries Leonard Cohen’s Guitar

Note: Originally posted July 9, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Photos: The (Multitasking) Guy Who Carries Leonard Cohen’s Guitar

Note: Originally posted Dec 21, 2010 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

The Guy Leonard Cohen Never Introduced – The Back Story

Yesterday’s post, The Guy Leonard Cohen Never Introduced, which spotlighted the elderly gentleman (pictured above) who performs the unsung, unrecognized, and unappreciated task of schlepping Leonard Cohen’s guitar from place to place, triggered a barrage of email messages from readers. In addition to the dozen or so offers from fans to assume the guitar-lugging responsibilities for Mr Cohen at no cost to the Canadian crooner, several of those who wrote in provided clues that something more was afoot than routine capitalistic abuse of hired underlings.

Who Is This Guy With Leonard Cohen’s Guitar?

A number of correspondents attested to a supposed resemblance between Leonard Cohen and his guitar carrier, and, while it’s not immediately obvious, close inspection indeed demonstrates enough similarities in the appearances of the two men.

A review of photos by the Cohencentric investigative staff also reveals that this subaltern’s job description goes beyond simple guitar transport .

The photo atop this post, taken in 2010  by Mandy MacLeod in Las Vegas, documents that our subject’s duties include dragging Cohen’s baggage as well.

The shot below shows that the guy signing autographs is also the guy with the guitar on his back.

Even more intriguingly, the same guy hauling the guitar and toting the luggage and signing autographs is the same guy shown below, apparently on a break from his duties, assuming the classic “Guys Watching Girls” pose, casually talking with Cohen consigliere, Robert Kory.

The Mystery Of The Other Leonard Cohen

It hardly requires an Adrian Monk or Hercule Poirot to realize that Leonard Cohen’s reluctance to include his guitar valet in his thank-yous of  his World Tour concerts had less to do with Cohen being oblivious to a latter day feudal serf than with his fear of calling attention to the multitude of duties, including meeting fans and working out strategies with his business manager, have been, in effect, outsourced to a proxy.

But, as future posts will show, this is just scratching the surface of the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned for the Cohencentric expose of [cue dramatic organ music] The Other Leonard Cohen.

Credit Due Department: Except for photo taken by Mandy MacLeod (as indicated in the text), the shots in this post are from Gwen Langford’s Meeting Leonard  Cohen Album.

The Guy Leonard Cohen Never Introduced

Note: Originally posted Dec 20, 2010 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric. (One photo has been replaced with a more recent shot.)

Carrying The Load For Leonard Cohen

During concerts, Leonard Cohen has habitually introduced, with elaborate descriptions and lavish thanks, his band members, his backup singers, cooks and caterers, those who arranged transportation, those responsible for setting up and taking down the equipment, the lighting director, the person who cared for the fedoras, and many others involved in the success of the Tour. Not once, however, has he publicly recognized, let alone commended, the guy assigned the ignoble task of lugging Leonard Cohen’s guitar from concert to concert.

This seems an especially egregious slight given the impeccably reliable service provided over the years (as far as I can determine, Cohen has never found himself sans guitar when he stepped up to play “The Darkness” or “Feels So Good”) by this man who has uncomplainingly carried out his demeaning job in the service of the Tour and has always managed to keep himself clean and decently groomed.

The same individual can be seen in the photo below hauling Mr Leonard “Call Me Icon” Cohen’s guitar off a plane.

guycarries-busNow, Leonard Cohen certainly has the right to emulate his fellow rock stars and professional entertainers who, once they achieve fame and fortune, dump their menial but  necessary chores – such as carrying a singer’s guitar or a cleanup hitter’s bat from location to location – onto underlings who have no other occupational options.  Further, this elderly gentleman, who appears to be in his mid 70s, might have been thankful for the work, perhaps having suffered some kind of fiscal reversal  that compelled him to take a job on a concert tour that travels throughout Europe, North America, and Australia when he should have been home playing with his grandchildren or going on a spiritual retreat.

But shouldn’t he at least be treated with respect?

Apparently, some folks handle stardom better than others.

Update: Photos: The (Multitasking) Guy Who Carries Leonard Cohen’s Guitar

Credit Due Department: The photo atop this post was taken in Las Vegas after the final 2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour show by Gwen Langford. The second photo was posted on Sharon Robinson’s Facebook Page.