Photos From Leonard Cohen July 9, 2013 Lucca Soundcheck + (Possibly) Explanatory Captions

Leonard Cohen smiles in anticipation of Javier Mas performing backflips to one up the Webb Sisters’ acrobatics

2013 Leonard Cohen Lucca Soundcheck Photos

Photos by Szilvia Szanto. The captions, especially those pertaining to the backflips performed by Javier Mas, are entirely my own fault.

Leonard Cohen’s keyboard practicing going by itself

Javier Mas visualizing his impending backflips

Hattie Webb responds to Sharon Robinson switching to her Thrash metal playlist while Roscoe Beck belts out karaoke version of Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline

Leonard Cohen hypnotizes Mitch Watkins

Charlie & Hattie (with the stylish hat) Webb, blissfully unaware that Javier will be raising the acrobatic bar.

Rafael Gayol rehearses looking casually handsome

Leonard Cohen, backup singers, and band watch enraptured as Javier Mas performs six consecutive backflips

Bedazzled by Javier Mas’s backflips, Alex Bublitchi momentarily forgets how to hold a violin

Joey Carenza gives instructions to guy carrying Leonard Cohen’s guitar

Guy eager to carry Leonard Cohen’s guitar

Guy taking Leonard Cohen’s guitar for a walk

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Webb Sisters Talk About Touring With Leonard Cohen & Sing You Were Always On My Mind & Missing Person

Good Morning, it’s freezing in this country
Leonard Cohen’s morning greeting to tour musicians regardless of location or date

This program, first broadcast Feb 2, 2014, can be heard at Sundays With Miriam

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Hear The Webb Sisters Talk About Koala Cuddling, B6, Chicken Soup, & Leonard Cohen As Well As Sing A Song or 3 On Radio Interview

Charley & Hattie Webb were interviewed 20 December 2013 by Kirsten Johnstone on Radio New Zealand. They also sang Missing Person, If It Be Your Will, and Momentary. The broadcast is now available at Webb Sisters In Session – Radio New Zealand

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Outstanding Photos: 2013 Leonard Cohen Perth Concert

These photos were taken by Adrian Thomson at the November 13, 2013 Leonard Cohen Perth concert. Among the many outstanding photos, the shot of the Webb Sisters exchanging confidences is especially fetching.

Update: More photos from this show can be found at Photos: November 13, 2013 Leonard Cohen Perth Concert.