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Leonard Cohen As Metaphor

Leonard Cohen As Metaphor: Leonard Cohen has long been a boon to music critics, reporters, PR departments, bloggers, and authors as a metaphorical vehicle, not only to connote a particular musical capacity but also to describe other professional abilities and special qualities – both human and nonhuman. Cohencentric offers a collection of X is the Leonard Cohen of Y offerings:

  1. The Leonard Cohen Of Drinks: Sake1
  2. The Leonard Cohen Of Food: Anthony Bourdain2
  3. The Leonard Cohen Of Sodom: Serge Gainsbourg3
  4. The Leonard Cohen Of PR Bloggers: Occamsrazr4
  5. The Leonard Cohen Of Iran: Faramarz Aslani5
  6. The Leonard Cohen Of Iran: Shahyar Ghanbari6
  7. The Leonard Cohen Of His Generation: Stephin Merritt7
  8. The Leonard Cohen Of His Generation: Mark Lanegan8
  9. The Leonard Cohen Of Our Generation: Father John Misty 9
  10. The Leonard Cohen Of A New Generation: Ben Rogers10
  11. The Leonard Cohen Of The Local Foodcourt: B.A. Johnston11
  12. The Leonard Cohen Of European Electro-Pop: Yello12
  13. The Leonard Cohen Of Louisville: Paul K13
  14. The Leonard Cohen Of Poetry: Jack Gilbert14
  15. The Leonard Cohen Of The Bible: Ecclesiastes15
  16. The Leonard Cohen Of Banks: The Royal Bank of Canada16
  17. The Leonard Cohen Of China: Zuoxiao Zuzhou17
  18. The Female Leonard Cohen: Wolf Larsen18
  19. The Female Leonard Cohen: Tanita Tikaram19
  20. The Female Leonard Cohen: Heather Nova20
  21. The Female Leonard Cohen: Emily Brown21
  22. The Female Leonard Cohen: Chelsea Crowell22
  23. The Female Leonard Cohen: Amelia Curran23
  24. The Female Leonard Cohen: Anita Lane24
  25. The Female Leonard Cohen: Emmy The Great25
  26. The Female Leonard Cohen: Paula Boggs26
  27. The Female Leonard Cohen: Patti Smith27
  28. The Female Leonard Cohen: Fiona Apple28
  29. The Female Leonard Cohen: Joan Foster29
  30. The Female Leonard Cohen Of Our Time: Mary Chapin Carpenter30
  31. The Female Leonard Cohen Of Our Generation: Chan Marshall, a.k.a. Cat Power31
  32. The Female Leonard Cohen Of The 1980’s: Laurie Anderson32
  33. The Female Leonard Cohen Of The Nineties: Suzanne Vega33
  34. The Next Female Leonard Cohen: Amelia Curran34
  35. The Queer Leonard Cohen: Mark Eitzel.35
  36. The Leonard Cohen Of Africa: Geoffrey Oryema36
  37. The Leonard Cohen Of Romania: Adrian Berinde37
  38. The Leonard Cohen Of Northwest China: Abdulla Abdurehim38
  39. The Leonard Cohen Of The Pabst Blue Ribbon Set: Adam Green39
  40. The Leonard Cohen Of Country Music: Kris Kristofferson40
  41. The Leonard Cohen Of Living Love Songs: Sweet Surrender by Mark Allen.41
  42. The Leonard Cohen Of World Lit: José Saramago42
  43. The Leonard Cohen Of The Spy Genre: Alan Furst43
  44. The Leonard Cohen Of Southern Soul: Jody Sticker44
  45. The Leonard Cohen Of Punk Rock Music: Corpusse45
  46. The Leonard Cohen Of Photography: Bill Henson46
  47. The Leonard Cohen Of The 21st Century: Simon Joyner47
  48. The Leonard Cohen Of Sci-Fi TV: Leonard Nimoy48
  49. The Leonard Cohen Of Executive Coaching: George Kouri49
  50. The Hillbilly Leonard Cohen: Andy Friedman50
  51. The Leonard Cohen Of The Sea: Whale-5251
  52. The Leonard Cohen Of Comedy52
  53. The Leonard Cohen of Cabo San Lucas: Sammy Hagar53
  54. The Leonard Cohen Of Melanesia: Offramp Tavanipupu54
  55. The Leonard Cohen Of The Early 2000s: Mike Johnson55
  56. The Leonard Cohen Of Our Time: Anais Mitchell56
  57. The Leonard Cohen Of Lisbon: Carlos do Carmo57
  58. The Leonard Cohen Of Brazil: Márcio Faraco58
  59. The Leonard Cohen Of The Vegetable World: Celeriac59
  60. The Leonard Cohen Of The USA: Bob Dylan60
  61. The Leonard Cohen Of Auto Parts For Alfa: AR Ricambi61
  62. The Leonard Cohen Of American Poetry: John Koethe62
  63. The Leonard Cohen Of The Balkans: Djordje Balašević63
  64. The Leonard Cohen Of The Museum World: Marc Chagall64
  65. The Leonard Cohen Of Beach Boys Songs: God Only Knows65
  66. The Leonard Cohen Of Meat Dishes: Duck On A String aka Bird On A Wire66
  67. Westminster’s Leonard Cohen: Greg Clark67
  68. The Leonard Cohen Of Painting: Edward Hopper68
  69. The Leonard Cohen Of Texas: Kinky Friedman69


  1. In Las Vegas, a Good Story Helps Sell Expensive Sakes by Jeff Gordinier. New York Times: Feb 1, 2011: For years, sake has been the Leonard Cohen of drinks: passionately adored by a small cadre of loyalists, but relegated to the category of “mysterious obscurity” among the masses. []
  2. Eating the World with Anthony Bourdain by Alex Sukhoy. CreativeCadence. Anthony Bourdain on television: he is tall, dark and handsome. He has a smoky voice, deep eyes and reconfirms my description of him as “the Leonard Cohen of food.” []
  3. Celluloid sounds: Tribeca’s film festival has always kept a sweet spot for music by Jim Farber. Daily News. April 16, 2010: Some refer to him [Serge Gainsbourg] as the Bob Dylan of France, but he’s more like the Leonard Cohen of Sodom. []
  4. Who is Worth Following #3 by Mark Rose. PRBlogNews. October 12, 2009: Who is Worth Following is a continuing PRBlogNews series based on random scans of intelligence, original thinking and personality in the PR blogosphere: #1 tomforemski – batting cleanup | #2 occamsrazr – the Leonard Cohen of PR bloggers []
  5. Faramarz Aslani and Babak Amini in University of Maryland. Kodoom. July 26, 2008: Faramarz Aslani is often described by critics as the Leonard Cohen of Iran for his rich lyrical poetry set to hauntingly beautiful music, []
  6. Shahyar Ghanbari. DROM: Many Iranians, especially the young, consider Shahyar Ghanbari as the Leonard Cohen of Iran. []
  7. Nonesuch Events for the Long Weekend of February 12–15. Nonesuch. February 12, 2010: The Magnetic Fields have just come from two nights at Boston’s Wilbur Theatre, after which the Boston Herald’s Jim Sullivan called Stephin Merritt “the Leonard Cohen of his generation.” []
  8. Top Ten Records Of 2008 by Holly Cara Price. Burning Wood, Dec 22, 2008: Clearly Mark Lanegan is the Leonard Cohen of his generation. []
  9. Karen Elson by Billy Reid. Billy Reid, August 26, 2015: Father John Misty is the Leonard Cohen of our generation. []
  10. Dawn Of A New Error CD – Ben Rogers. CDUniverse: Described as the Leonard Cohen of a new generation, his [Ben Rogers’] lyrics are full of wit, irony and paradox. []
  11. New Song: B.A. Johnston: Taste The Shame. My Old Kentucky Blog. Aug 20, 2010: B.A. Johnston. A Canadian cult hero (so I’m told), he’s more droll than Jonathan Richman, and more self aware than Daniel Johnston. I prefer to think of him as the Leonard Cohen of the local foodcourt. []
  12. Review Of Touch from posted by Perthguy. YelloForum: Oct 25, 2010: He [Yello] has effectively become the Leonard Cohen of European electro-pop. []
  13. Paul K. And The Weathermen “Gavage” by Joe Strutter. SugarBuzz Magazine: His [Paul K‘s] very cinematic, muscular, and organic sounds draw from a long and rich tradition of vivid story-tellers from all over the globe. He’s the Leonard Cohen of Louisville. []
  14. Five new volumes of poetry beckon readers who like every word to count by Karen R. Long. The Plain Dealer. August 20, 2009: Jack Gilbert would be the Leonard Cohen of poetry if Cohen didn’t already write poetry. []
  15. A Chasing After Wind by The Very Reverend Sam G. Candler.  Cathedral of St. Philip. Aug 1, 2020: Ecclesiastes is the Leonard Cohen of the Bible []
  16. If Banks were Bands, which would they be? Metafilter. May 17, 2006: I would say that the Royal Bank of Canada is the Leonard Cohen of banks; enigmatic, expensive, vast, wordy, not traditionally attractive, but has it’s charms. []
  17. ‘China’s Leonard Cohen’ Calls Out Political Corruption by Louisa Lim. NPR Morning Edition. February 18, 2013: Zuoxiao Zuzhou is a Chinese singer whose accented, croaky voice is hardly ever in tune. But for his fans he’s the voice of a generation — one of the very few voices who dare to speak out. After a collaboration, Cowboy Junkies member Michael Timmins called him “China’s Leonard Cohen.” []
  18. Quiet at the Kitchen Door: Known as a female Leonard Cohen – poetic, meditative, and reclusive – Wolf Larsen channels a deep well of emotion into her songs about hope, prayer, love, death, God, and the Jedi order. []
  19. She Bop II: The Definitive History of Women in Rock, Pop and Soul by Lucy O’Brien: p 202. A&C Black, Oct 16, 2003: Tikaram…had to take a break from a business that readily categorized her as the ‘female Leonard Cohen’. []
  20. Mementos from the pre-millennium by Steve Erickson. Salon,
  21. Audio Reviews: Coincident Dynamo 34SE . Miss Emily Brown … defies easy classification. Think of her as a female Leonard Cohen []
  22. Rosanne Cash Walks a Line of Her Own by Alan Light. NY Times: January 22, 2006: Rosanne Cash …heard her daughter Chelsea’s songs for the first time. “She’s like a Southern, female Leonard Cohen,” said Ms. Cash. []
  23. Reviews Written by Joanne Purchase-Renaud. Amazing, uplifting and spellbinding. Amelia Curran is a female Leonard Cohen— Canada’s newest lyrical icon. []
  24. Anita Lane: Sex O’ Clock by Stephanie Dickison. PopMatters, 22 October 2001: Anita Lane: The female Leonard Cohen. Who knew?“ []
  25. Emmy The Great – First Love Album by Broken Beats, Broken Electro + Indie Beats, January 25, 2009: This girl is the female Leonard Cohen which means that she’s great. []
  26. Paula Boggs Biography by Mike DeGagne, Freelance Music Critic, AllMusic (Quoted at CDBaby): I hope she can find a place in an empty soulless music industry of today. A female Leonard Cohen? []
  27. Nico: The Life and Lies of an Icon vy Richard Witts, excerpted at When Patti Smith Met Nico by bitter69uk. Bitterness Personified, May 8, 2012: “I [Nico] had met Patti [Smith] in New York, when she was a young poet on the scene. She was a female Leonard Cohen, when she moved from writing to singing.” []
  28. Fiona Apple is the female Leonard Cohen by Vinay Gupta. Vinay, March 30, 2008: Fiona Apple is the female Leonard Cohen []
  29. Lady Oracle, A Novel by Margaret Atwood. Simon & Schuster. September 27, 1976: “I thought we might do you as a sort of female Leonard Cohen,” said Sturgess []
  30. The Age of Miracles by Annie. Annie’s Texas Musings, Jan 15, 2013: I do think that Mary Chapin Carpenter is the female Leonard Cohen of our time. []
  31. The 10 Most Notable IndieMainstream Couples, Ever..  by Fora Staff., Jan 23, 2012: Chan Marshall, a.k.a. Cat Power, is the female Leonard Cohen of our generation. []
  32. Disappointing by Ewen Coleman. Theatreview, Mar 5, 2007: It initially began as a tribute to the music of Laurie Anderson, a female Leonard Cohen of the 1980’s. []
  33. Suzanne Vega: The Best of Suzanne Vega – Tried and True by Jim Carroll.  audio-music dot info, 2001: To us, she is the female Leonard Cohen of the nineties. []
  34. Amelia Curran: The Art Of Folk by Matt Belyea. Brunswickan. Mar 2, 2011: Amelia Curran is blossoming into the Canadian folk music scene. The cunning lyricist from St. John’s, Newfoundland has attracted legions of fans who are deeming her to be the next (female) Leonard Cohen. []
  35. If You Miss Leonard Cohen, Meet His (Queer) Heir by Carl Wilson. Slate: Jan 30, 2017: If You Miss Leonard Cohen, Meet His (Queer) Heir: Mark Eitzel [Title] []
  36. Keeping Tradition on a World Music Stage : From Africa With Love by Mike Zwerin. New York Times. May 3, 2000: Geoffrey Oryema is known as the “Leonard Cohen of Africa. []
  37. Cirque du Soleil Experience – Episode 5 “Christmas.” Richasi’s Domain. Dec 22, 2001: Adrian Berinde, a large, middle-aged Romanian man, with a low, husky and guttural voice which particularly stands out. The director describes him as “the Tom Waits of Bucharest, the Leonard Cohen of Romania.” []
  38. Dispatches From Xinjiang: Abdulla, King Of Uyghur Women, The Leonard Cohen Of Northwest China by Beige Wind. Beijing Cream: August 1, 2013: Dispatches From Xinjiang: Abdulla, King Of Uyghur Women, The Leonard Cohen Of Northwest China [Title] []
  39. Adam Green – Minor Love by Jennifer Cooke. PopMatters. Feb 15, 2010: Adam Green, the Leonard Cohen of the Pabst Blue Ribbon set, is fascinating. []
  40. Kris Kristofferson – Please Don’t Tell Me How the Story Ends. OtherMusic Update. May 19, 2010:  Kristofferson is basically the Leonard Cohen of country music []
  41. Songs by Roedy Green. Mindprod: This is the Leonard Cohen of Living Love songs. []
  42. The Leonard Cohen Of World Lit: José Saramago by Sarah Kerr. Slate. Oct. 18 1998: The Leonard Cohen Of World Lit: José Saramago []
  43. Gliding Through Europe, Cloaked in Diffident Charm by Janet Maslin. August 22, 2002: The wry, sexy melancholy of his observations would be seductive enough in its own right — he [Alan Furst]  is the Leonard Cohen of the spy genre. []
  44. Jody Sticker by Daddy B. Nice. Southern Soul RnR. November 19, 2010: With his ultra-slow tempos and his languorous melodies, Jody Sticker is actually closer to being the Leonard Cohen of Southern Soul. []
  45. Watching Corpusse. Shirin Delsooz. March 27, 2010: They call Coprusse the “Leonard Cohen of Punk Rock Music”. []
  46. Is child nudity in art ever pornographic? by David Isaacs and Thomas G Isaacs. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health. July/August 2010: [Bill] Henson’s dark, brooding images make him the Leonard Cohen of photography. []
  47. Simon Joyner- Hotel Lives. New Music. July 2001: Hotel Lives makes a strong case for Joyner as the Leonard Cohen of the 21st century. []
  48. Bumf Box deposits by Don Share. Squandermania and other foibles, May 14, 2009: All I can say is that Leonard Nimoy is the Leonard Cohen of sci-fi TV and would be hard to beat []
  49. Top Customer Review Of “Gimme a Hug”: How Small Acts of Recognition Deliver Big Results and Create a Culture of Success by Robert Huitema, Amazon, Dec 7, 2014: George Kouri is the “Leonard Cohen” of Executive coaching []
  50. Renaissance Man Andy Friedman Brings His Brand of “Art Country” to The Brass Rail by Ben Larson. Fort Wayne Reader, Jan 21, 2009: Alt-country singer/songwriter Andy Friedman…described by The Athens News as “the hillbilly Leonard Cohen.” []
  51. The World’s Loneliest Whale Is A Sad Horny Musician by Bronwyn Isaac. The Frisky. April 7, 2016: More recent theories about the Leonard Cohen of the sea reveal that his songs aren’t merely a call for someone to love, but a full-on booty call. []
  52. Andrew Lawrence. ENT34: Described as the ‘Leonard Cohen of comedy’, Andrew Lawrence is the master of his game. []
  53. Take A Look At What Happened At Kerry Simon’s Fight MSA by Susan Stapleton. Las Vegas Eater, : He [Bill Murray] even introduced Sammy Hagar as the Leonard Cohen of Cabo San Lucas. []
  54. The Tetherballs of Bougainville: A Novel by Mark Leyner. Vintage Contemporaries, Sep 1, 1998: He’s kind of the Leonard Cohen of Melanesia, []
  55. Mike Johnson by  Piero Scaruffi. What Would You Do (Up, 2002) is another somber, dejected collection that re-establishes Johnson as the Leonard Cohen of the early 2000s []
  56. Best of 2010 – Raina Rose’s Top Ten Albums by Rachel Hurley. Vinyl District, Dec 31, 2010: Anais is the Leonard Cohen of our time while being completely her own. []
  57. Fados is a musicological adventure by Ken Eisner. Georgia Straight, Nov 30, 2010:  White-haired fadisto Carlos do Carmo (who comes across as the Leonard Cohen of Lisbon) []
  58. Marcio Faraco. Kuumbwa Jazz:  Sometimes referred to as the “Leonard Cohen of Brazil,” Faraco’s compositions employ a variety of rhythmic styles. []
  59. Ugly fruit and veg: why it’s time to celebrate the celeriac by Xanthe Clay. The Telegraph, Jan 14, 2015: Celeriac is the Leonard Cohen of the vegetable world; hoary skinned, wrinkled, uncompromising – and divisive. []
  60. Best Answer To How Is Bob Dylan A Non-Conformist? by Toby. Yahoo Answers, 2010: Dylan was a genius with poetry in his veins. He is the Leonard Cohen of the USA []
  61. Front spoiler/valance options on S3’s? by the_sicilian. Alfa Bulleltin Board, Nov 13, 2007: AR Ricambi is the Leonard Cohen of auto parts for Alfa. []
  62. The Swimmer: Poems – Review by Bruce Jacobs. Shelf Awareness for Readers, March 25, 2016 ((Koethe is the Leonard Cohen of American poetry–passionate, self-deprecating, unpretentiously aging, resiliently young–who might nod along with Chelsea Hotel #2: “We are ugly but we have    the music.” []
  63. Book Notes – Courtney Angela Brkic “The First Rule of Swimming”  Largehearted Boy, May 31, 2013: Balašević is the Leonard Cohen of the Balkans, with witty, poetic lyrics and songs that set up shop in your head for weeks after hearing them. []
  64. Marc Chagall: Leading the Russians to the AGO by Peter Goddard., Aug 5, 2011: Marc Chagall is the Leonard Cohen of the museum world, his reputation still soulful, sexy and saintly after all these years. []
  65. Warmer Mixtapes #1335 by Mathew Chayse Lucas. Warmer Climes Full post…, Jan 19 2015: This song [God Only Knows] is the Leonard Cohen of Beach Boys songs. []
  66. thaneeprince via Instagram: The Leonard Cohen of meat dishes Duck on a string aka bird on a wire []
  67. Westminster’s Leonard Cohen croons his way into trouble  by John Crace. Guardian: Oct 31, 2016: Over the last few days, the business secretary, Greg Clark, has reinvented himself as Westminster’s Leonard Cohen. []
  68. Jerry Saltz: Does the New Whitney Show That Modernism Never Really Happened in America? by Jerry Saltz and David Wallace-Wells. Vulture: May 4, 2015: Hopper is the Leonard Cohen, Roy Orbison, and Bruce Springsteen of painting, an only-the-lonely artist of ordinary life, trying to survive, []
  69. Interview With Kinky Friedman “Nashville Does Not Want Country Outlaws Anymore”. Sofa King Cool: Called Circus of Life, it presents a side of Kinky that few would have suspected in the halcyon days of his Texas Jewboys, laying perhaps legit claim to the title “The Leonard Cohen of Texas.” []