Three Characteristics That Make A Song A Leonard Cohen Song: Summary Page

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leonard_livebooks_antonioolmos-scaled1000This series of posts considers the question, “What makes a song a Leonard Cohen song?”  The answer, it turns out, is simpler than one might expect. Notwithstanding the requirements implicitly set forth by the spate of publications explicating Leonard Cohen’s corpus, one can comprehend the key elements and organizing principles of his songs — the DNA of his music — without a mastery of arcane poetics, kabbalistic allusions,  biographical details of Cohen’s life, musicological theory, mythological lore, or the geopolitical nuances of Canada, Greece, and Los Angeles.

Characteristic #1. Embracing The Predicament

Characteristic #2. Self-Investigation Without Self-Indulgence

Characteristic #3. Artistic Design

Credit Due Department: Photo by Antonio Olmos

2 Replies to “Three Characteristics That Make A Song A Leonard Cohen Song: Summary Page”

  1. Margrit Marie Steffen

    Soooo many comments, so many stories——–Don`t worry, I won`t add my little “story” (unless you would say: “just tell us…” )

    I do have a question though:
    why did Mr. Cohen never even mention , not to speak of giving her some “credits”——
    the woman —Suzanne Vedall—– who features pretty much prominently— in one of his early classics ==> “Suzanne”??????????


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